Jess has been piercing professionally for over ten years. After originally completing an apprenticeship in her first year, she gained experience in various shops Auckland wide before settling at The Tattooed Heart in 2015. Jess is experienced in all different placements of piercings, and specialises in intricate ear cartilage projects and curated jewellery. Complimentary anatomy and jewellery consults are available to give you the perfect placement for your unique look.

The Tattooed Heart is at the cutting edge of modern piercing, with a custom, purpose built piercing room, jewellery anodization services to change the colour of your titanium jewellery, and a superfast Statim autoclave, which means freshly sterilized jewellery and equipment for every procedure for your safety and peace of mind. Autoclave log book and spore testing results are available to view at any time.

All our jewellery is certified implant grade and internally threaded from top jewellery companies like Anatometal, Intrinsic and LeRoi Fine Jewelry. Jess holds current CPR and First Aid certificates, current international Blood Borne Pathogen certification and has attended the Association of Professional Piercers learning conference in Las Vegas. We never use piercing guns at The Tattooed Heart.

Piercing guns cause long term damage to your tissue and are unable to be sterilized, therefore are not acceptable for use in performing any piercing.

Piercing Hours:

Wednesday to Thursday 10:30am - 5:30pm
Friday to Saturday 10am - 5:30pm

Email or Call to secure an appointment


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